International Biogas Convetion: worldwide interest in German know-how

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Freising. Over 130 participants from all over the world have registered for the digital BIOGAS Convention International. The countries are looking with great interest at the development of the biogas industry in Germany, which remains the leading country in terms of biogas use.
Tomorrow, Tuesday 8 December 2020, the second part of this year's BIOGAS Convention, the BIOGAS Convention International, will start. More than 130 participants from all over the world have already registered to find out about the state of the art and the current development of global biogas use.

"The international biogas industry is looking very closely at developments in Germany," says Dr. Claudius da Costa Gomez, Managing Director of the German Biogas Association. After years of stagnation, a new upward trend for the sector is emerging with the forthcoming amendment of the EEG; the political signals clearly show the desire to maintain and expand the plant park. This is also a good sign for many other countries, as Germany remains the world market leader in biogas utilisation.
The first of a total of six thematic blocks, "The future of biogas worldwide", which deals with data, markets and politics, as well as the internationally important areas of CO2 avoidance and fertilisation with fermentation products, is the first of the four-day event. Also of global relevance is the use of biogas as a fuel, the energetic use of biowaste in biogas plants, as well as standards for plant construction and operation, which are ultimately decisive for the safety and thus the acceptance of biogas. Examples from different countries illustrate the various thematic priorities.

As the largest biogas association in the world, the German Biogas Association supports the development of biogas utilisation, e.g. within the framework of association partnerships with Uganda, Serbia and India, in the development of standards e.g. in Kenya and within the framework of training courses in various countries around the world. "BIOGAS International provides a good insight into the current situation of biogas use worldwide, an overview of particularly successful projects and an outlook on the tasks ahead against the background of the dangers posed by climate change," summarises da Costa Gomez.

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