Looking back on the BIOGAS Convention & Trade Fair 2021

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The digital BIOGAS Convention took place for the second time in a row, running from November 22-26. However, for the first time we separated the convention from the trade fair which ran from December 7-9 in Nuremberg. Considering our experiences of the previous year and the uncertain situation in Germany, we refined the convention concept and enhanced team capacity. On the one hand, the convention programme was supplemented by both a BIOGAS expert forum and an inspiring matchmaking workshop (carried out by the international cooperation project DiBiCoo). On the other hand, the convention had a heavy focus on the exchange between speakers and visitors. Let’s just say we find the result impressive.

First of all, between 150 and 250 participants attended the presentations - from home, the office, abroad and even while traveling. The topic "Biogas in the electricity market" held the greatest interest among attendants, ahead of "Emissions" and "Sustainability regulation". Around 30 speakers provided information on promising options for biogas plant operators, e.g. in fertilizer marketing, waste fermentation or in green gases. Sandra Rostek, Head of the Capital Office Bioenergy, reported on the current EU energy policy: "If politicians want to get on track by 2030, they will have to present a huge programme. Then, the motto will be 'Fit for 55'. That means achieving 55 percent greenhouse gas savings by 2030 in the EU," Rostek explained. More on biogas & the electricity market and the statements that were made can be found in the upcoming issue of the German BIOGAS Journal (#1 2022), which members of the German Biogas Association will receive free of charge. [Link: biogas.org/edcom/webfvb.nsf/id/DE-Biogas-Journal]

We gladly received dozens of audience questions and comments in each Q&A section. In a subsequent video chat participants could also discuss with speakers one on one (which fueled some exciting discussions). We are positive, the second digital BIOGAS Convention struck a nerve in terms of concept and content. We are happy that so many people not only took part as an audience but also were eager to exchange opinions.

"We are pleased about the great response from the biogas sector. This shows us that we have met the current need for information and that we chose the right topics and speakers," summarizes Dr. Stefan Rauh, Managing Director of the German Biogas Association.

Also, after a one-year break, we were extremely happy to finally relaunch the BIOGAS Trade Fair live in Nuremberg again – of course corona virus compliant.

Despite the difficult situation and thus having less visitors, the German biogas market dares to be optimistic about the future again, as well! Many exhibitors focused on innovative technologies this year. 24 speakers discussed the latest trends and topics in the BIOGAS expert forum and presented successful projects and best-practice examples. From December 7 – 9, 170 companies exhibited in Nuremberg.

Although the return of the fair was not an easy one, we can proudly say the the BIOGAS Convention & Trade Fair 2021 was a real treat for us. Not only economically, but emotionally as the whole sector was able to meet in person again.

Thank you for being there! And in case you missed the event: Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to be back next year!